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A darkly honest and wry singer/songwriter out of Charleston, South Carolina, Don Merckle’s songs are firmly planted among the fertile mixed traditions of American music. He is a workman's poet, capable of delivering a rock and roll growl or a quiet dose of smoky barroom introspection with equal passion. He has led the popular Appalachian/Irish outfit Loch Ness Johnny, co-fronted the rambunctious Alt-Country American Gun, and founded the jaunty Don Merckle & the Blacksmiths. In his current solo work he is leaning into more stately and thoughtful singing which highlights the darkly emotional lyrical contours that are the hallmark of his best material.


Don has shared stages with acts like Drivin' N Cryin', Lucero, Shooter Jennings, The Avett Brothers, Cracker, and more. He has a sound and feel that ably captures the ineffable blend of roots music and rock and roll at the heart of his songs. his new album, Rumor of a Ghost, Don worked with the producing and recording team of Evan Simmons and Zac Thomas to experiment with new sonic ideas and  previously uncharted territory in his songs. 


 Don's thoughts about this collaboration? "This is probably the most excited I’ve ever been about a record I’ve made. We’ve explored each song to work individually while simultaneously constructing a through line that binds them together as a whole. Zac and Evan have really helped push the boundaries of what I think people expect from me and I couldn’t be prouder of the result. "

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"...the plainspoken story of a blue-collar boy going off to war delivered with the kind of effortless roots-rock sweep which has made Jason Isbell and The Avett Brothers into household names. "

Jasper Magazine

Lincoln Wray Review


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