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Single: Phantom Limb 
Sunday Afternoon Killing Spree


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NEW!  It's Alright The Way That You Are

Sunday Afternoon Killing Spree

The Ballad of Lincoln Wray

North Carolina 

Cold, Cold War

Follow Me Boys

Ballad of an Angry Man

The Ballad of Lincoln Wray
01 The Ballad of Lincoln Wray.mp3Don Merckle
00:00 / 04:17
02 Cold, Cold War.mp3Don Merckle
00:00 / 04:48
06 The Ballad of Lincoln Wray (Acous.mp3Don Merckle
00:00 / 04:00
The Pugilist
02 Ballad of an Angry Man.mp3Don Merckle
00:00 / 03:22

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